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We’re David and Nadia, a couple of personal growth experts traveling the world and saying yes to life. Explore our blog and figure out how easy it is to say yes to a life full of adventure!


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How 66 Days is All It Takes to Form a Habit For Life!

You know those people who go for a run every morning, or don’t eat the cookies they have in the cupboard, or go on an adventure every single weekend?! You see, it’s all about habits. Forming habits. Keeping habits. Breaking habits. It takes some effort and determination, sure, but once you have it, you have

$100 Weekend in Paris

Ah, good old Paris. Is there a place that personifies romance and love more than the French capital? According to pretty much any romantic film ever, there definitely isn’t. But, while Paris is known for its charm and beauty, it’s also one of the most expensive cities in the world. But worry you not: you

Top Destinations For Scuba Diving

Are you a scuba diving beginner, or were you bitten by the scuba bug a long time ago? Actually, scratch that because it doesn’t matter. You still want to know of the best, most beautiful and exciting places for scuba diving, right? The ones with amazing underwater landscapes, sea creatures of all sizes and colors,

$100 Weekend in Tokyo

Who said that you can’t spend an awesome, eventful weekend in the most populous metropolitan area in the world on a budget? Sure wasn’t us. No, we firmly believe that not only can any place be inexpensive, but also that you shouldn’t waste your weekends doing nothing – so, we want to share how you

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