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We’re David and Nadia, a couple of digital nomads traveling the world and saying yes to life. Explore our blog and figure out how easy it is to say yes to a life full of adventure!


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Top 8 Incredible Experiences in Budapest

Have you worked your way from Berlin to Prague and then Bratislava and Vienna, wondering where to go next? Well, it’s Budapest, Budapest is where to go next! Why? Because the Hungarian capital is packed with sights, entertainment, and awesome food, and you’ll find yourself in the midst of grand architecture and majestic buildings –

Top 8 Amazing Experiences in Kelowna

If you want an overdose of everything Canada, Kelowna is the place to go. The thing is though, it’s a good thing you can’t have too much fun as Kelowna is filled with amazing adventures and stunning sights. Fairly (for being Canada, anyway) close you’ll find Vancouver, it’s not that far to the US border,

Making Every Weekend a Vacation: Valleys of South Wales Edition

One of the few not so great things about going on vacation is reaching the end of it – not because it sucks being back, but because it feels so incredibly long until you’ll be able to go on your next one! What if I tell you that doesn’t have to be the case, will

7 Remote Jobs That Anyone Can Do

If you’re way too excited to start your new life of digital nomad to wait until you have the skills necessary to work in your industry of choice, don’t worry – there are many remote jobs that require next to no experience, meaning that you can book your first ticket sooner than you’d expect. Pretty

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