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The Ultimate Vanlifer Remote Work Guide + Top 27 Job Picks

The most common question for full-time travelers and one that we get from everyone we meet is “How do you make money while traveling.”

Deciding to live The Van Life

Should we, or shouldn’t we? Sat here in Cape Town, David and I are currently deliberating what could be the greatest idea of our lives - should we buy a camper and live the van life?

33 Must Have Vanlife Items - The Cheat Sheet

Moving from an apartment into a Van, Bus, RV, Airstream, or any other tiny dwelling can seem daunting. Tasks that you once thought nothing of, such as taking a...


Useful Travel Tips

Bali: A beginners guide

In the simplest words possible, Bali is an island with many destinations. There are few places I’ve visited on this planet that has had so much to offer. Rich culture, friendly locals, stunning food...

One week in Iceland: What to do and see

Saying yes to life more often than not results in some of the best adventures I have whilst traveling the world. So when my good friend Kalle asked if I wanted to go with him to Iceland for a week, I couldn't say no...

10 Million ways to get data while traveling

Want interwebs? Data? The good old 4G? How do I get data whilst traveling full-time is a question I get a lot. How the hell do I do it? As a digital nomad having a working phone whilst traveling is a big deal...