Hi! We’re David and Nadia, a couple of Digital Nomads constantly on the search for our next great adventure!

For half a decade, we’ve been flying around and exploring all the corners of the world, taking in breathtakingly fantastic sights, eaten more delicacies than we can count, and never turning down an opportunity for an adventure. And it’s been such a blast! Now we’re helping others discover the benefits of a well-lived life. Through inspirational photography, blog posts and personal growth guides. Helping everyone discover their YES life.

In 2017, we decided that it was time to step up – or rather slow down – our game and took to the roads in our 1969 VW Adventurewagen. And boy, did we make a brilliant decision! We had one year of full-time vanlife, collecting unbelievably wonderful experiences as if they were pennies and we’re now trying to decide what incredibly exciting and fun adventure to go on next.

Nadia in our bus

Welcome to our blog! It’s a bundle of the crème de la crème of astonishing destinations, terrific tips for anyone from the travel novice to the veteran adventurer, and everything you need to hit the road yourself. You see, since we’ve had such a goddamn excellent time we’ve decided to make it our mission to spread the word so that you can experience exactly that as well!

Our aspiration is for you to get all the inspiration you need for booking that first – or eleventh – flight, to find what you’re truly looking for when taking the long way home and have the best of times while you’re at it, and, most of all, for you to say yes to a life full of excitement and magic, without a single trace of monotony and regret.

Living the life of a digital nomad, making money on the road and being greeted by a new adventure around every corner is far from as hard as you think – if we can do it, then so can you!

Northern lights in Iceland

Why Do We Travel?

When life is calling, we pick up the phone; and when it has awesome experiences and adventures on its agenda, we say yes (hence the name of our blog)!

Traveling is one of the best ways to get the most out of life, to see the world in all its glory, filled with countries, cultures, people, and scenery which are all incredibly unique and fantastically gorgeous in their own right and will widen your horizon, both figuratively and literally.

It’s never too late to start exploring our beautiful world, that’s true, but it’s never too early either so get off your butt, renew your passport and start your new life right this second (or at least on the weekend)!

How Do We Afford Our Travels

We do have jobs, promise (how else do you think we can feed our snack addiction?)! We’re both able to take our work on the road, and we’re very good at getting our shit done, without fail, no matter how much fun we’re having.

Because we do have fun, and lots and lots of it – we both recently made the switch to working only three days per week because we know that too much work will make us two very dull bloggers.

David Skydiving in Interlaken, Switzerland
David Skydiving in Interlaken, Switzerland

This works for us because, well, other than snacks we can’t fit a lot in the van anyway and there are so incredibly many fantastic, thrilling experiences that won’t break the bank – we tend to find ones that we already have everything we need for, like mountain biking and surfing. So all we need really is money for belly and van fuel. Oh, and coffee, obviously!

We also try to cooperate with the weather gods and get our work done while the sun is having a day off – and vice versa, of course.

Hunting waterfalls in Bali

The Pros and Cons

As with anything, you have to find the right balance when it comes to traveling but when you do, the pros often outweigh the cons. Shit will happen, but it’s almost always worth it!


  • The places, the sights, the views, the scenery.. – your eyes will never stop rejoicing!
  • Engaging with new cultures – and trying the local food.
  • Trying all the things you’ve always wanted to try – and lots more.
  • Meeting new people every single step of the way.



  • Missing friends and family from back home.
  • Getting sick on the road.


Exploring the fjords of Norway by boat

When Will We Stop?

To be completely honest with you, I don’t know if we’ll ever stop traveling. We’ve been badly bitten by the travel bug and can’t even imagine living our life any other way – that’s how amazing it is.

But then again, maybe one day we’ll decide to settle somewhere — excuse me while I stifle my giggles — you know, maybe when we’re 90, or if we win the lottery and buy a house with a gigantic indoor playground and a snack bar in every room!

For now, we like having no plan, and just going wherever the whim takes us. We might come back time and time again to the same places – because there are so many fantastic ones! – but our life is going to be on the road for as long as we can keep it up!

Exploring the islands of Thailand

Want to Learn More

If you think that living a life filled with adventure is difficult, expensive, scary, or boring – you’re doing it wrong. And the best thing is, we know how to do it right and our super fun and informative (and very humble, promise!) posts will tell you all about it!

We love sharing our journey with you guys and providing all the inspiration and motivation you need to embark on an adventure yourself, and to be honest – it gives us a great excuse to document our life!

Dig into our blog as we try to save you time on researching your next adventure, and let you in on secret hidden (and very awesome) gems that we find.

And it goes without saying that you should check out our Instagram where you’ll get to see our envy-inducing photos and laugh-inducing stories, and find even more inspiration!

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