Our Fantastic Weekend in Rutland

Those who know me well are most likely aware of the fact that I firmly believe that good things come in small packages! Tiny animals, tiny houses, tiny cars, even tiny food (mini burgers, I’m looking at you!); the tinier — the cuter! With that in mind, imagine my delight when Discover Rutland invited us


$100 Weekend in Edinburgh

We’re pretty much allergic to not making the most of weekends (at least some of them). That’s just a fact. We want people to go on adventures, gain experiences, and just say yes to life – however, we understand that not everyone (including us!) has the money to go on a mini-vacation every weekend. Solution?


An Awesome 10-Day Road Trip Through Stunning Scotland

Scotland, eh. The northernmost part of the UK is far more than fantastic Glasgow and Edinburgh; the Highlands, an abundance of islands, the lochs, and the castles all contribute to making this an excellent location for traveling and exploring. And one of the best ways to do it is with a car – which is


Top 7 Reasons to Visit the Beautiful Cotswolds

What is this Cotswolds business, you might wonder, and the answer to that is an area spanning over six counties in the South West of England, full of charming towns, ridiculously picturesque villages and verdant hillsides. And lots of fun – and somewhat odd – things to do. Colorful Bristol is just around the corner

Anna Bernerson

Making Every Weekend a Vacation: Valleys of South Wales Edition

One of the few not so great things about going on vacation is reaching the end of it – not because it sucks being back, but because it feels so incredibly long until you’ll be able to go on your next one! What if I tell you that doesn’t have to be the case, will


Experience London on a Budget

The United Kingdom might be a rather small set of islands, but London is a great city with an even greater personality. Everywhere you look you’ll see iconic cultural landmarks such as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and St Paul’s Cathedral, and the streets are more or less covered in red telephone boxes, red double-deckers and


Vanlife in The Cotswolds – Where To Go!

The South West of England is a truly magical place to visit, with quaint country roads, charming riverside pubs, and friendly locals galore – the Cotswolds and surrounding areas have been one of our most memorable vanlife trips in the UK thus far. If you’re planning on visiting this lusciously green area either for a

Castle in Scotland

Scotland: A 10 day road trip

A few months ago we decided to go on a road trip around Scotland. For those that don’t know I’m actually half Scottish. My Dad is originally from Scotland and due to my rather nomadic lifestyle, we decided what better than to combine a family visit with this road trip and end up with our