Top 9 Thrilling Adventures in Yosemite National Park

These adventures might not be as chilling as Sabrina’s, but they sure are as thrilling! The US national parks are works of art, for sure, but most of them are also packed with experiences every thrill-seeking adrenaline junkie simply must cross off that bucket list, and Yosemite National Park is no different. On the contrary,


Top 9 Rocky Mountain Adventures for the Adrenaline Junkie

If you’ve ever been to any of the American national parks you know what all the fuzz is about: the majestic nature perfect for almost any sort of photography, mountains and lakes and rivers wherever you look. The Rocky Mountains are no different, but when you’re done with the views and want some exciting, thrilling


Top 8 Exciting Adventures in the Grand Canyon

This enormous creation of nature, the mother of all canyons (technically it’s not, but let us dream), is one of the coolest experiences you can give your eyes, hands down. The Colorado River teamed up with the Colorado Plateau have certainly done a splendid job slowly carving into the stony land, and the result is


Top 8 Awesome Things to Do in Los Angeles

This place doesn’t really need an introduction, but did you know that Beverly Hills was once a ranch for lima beans (Tigger was definitely wrong – lima beans are delicious!)? Los Angeles is not only close to San Diego and Mexico (and Vegas!), it’s also one of the most exciting cities to visit on the


Top 11 Fun Experiences in San Francisco

San Francisco, the birthplace and home of so many things we hold dear –  how many times have you used Google today?! It’s not only the unofficial technology capital of the world, but it’s also an amazing destination for anyone wanting a taste of the American west coast and all it has to offer. This


Cool Things to Say Yes to in New York City

What’s usually at the top of any to-do-list in New York City (except for picking up the dry cleaning), a visit to the Statue on her Liberty Island, a coffee in Central Pe.. sorry, Park, or maybe a boat ride on the Hudson River? With boroughs like Brooklyn, Queens and, of course, Manhattan the options

Table Mountain Cape Town

I spent the past 4 years traveling. Here are my favorite destinations

After four years traveling the world, this question has to be the BIG one. The one everyone asks me. Yet, for some reason, I’ve never thought of posting it online; so here it is. The best places in the world according to David. Me. I’m David. Hello! 👋 So, I numbered these 1 – 5,

Bodie California

That time we nearly got frostbite – Travel Adventure Nightmare

When you look back on your life, you tend to remember those adventures that had stand out moments. This is one of those adventures. A mission with two friends that took a completely unexpected turn and ended with us having to put condoms on our feet to avoid frostbite. Happens to us all at least

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