Anna Bernerson

$100 Weekend in Tokyo

Who said that you can’t spend an awesome, eventful weekend in the most populous metropolitan area in the world on a budget? Sure wasn’t us. No, we firmly believe that not only can any place be inexpensive, but also that you shouldn’t waste your weekends doing nothing – so, we want to share how you


What Is Vanlife, and Why You Should Be On the Road Fulltime

Imagine a permanent road trip, or a camping trip that never ends, or having a portable home; that’s what vanlife is. That, and oil changes and constantly searching for laundry facilities, of course. Basically, you’ll always have an adventure waiting at your doorstep (literally), and sometimes it’s a bad one, but most of the time


An Awesome 10-Day Road Trip Through Stunning Scotland

Scotland, eh. The northernmost part of the UK is far more than fantastic Glasgow and Edinburgh; the Highlands, an abundance of islands, the lochs, and the castles all contribute to making this an excellent location for traveling and exploring. And one of the best ways to do it is with a car – which is


Top 16+ Packing Tips for Traveling

Are you one of those chosen ones who find packing a bit stressful? Yeah, me too. There are so many questions: what to bring, how to pack? And then you need to decide if you need a suitcase or just a carry-on – and, of course, how much to bring. It’s especially hard the first


11 Tips on How to Stay Safe on Road Trips in Europe

Unless you’re friends with a unicorn, hitting the road with your car is one of the best ways to experience any area, and Europe is no different. You have the speed, the freedom to go anywhere at any time – or do you? Technically that might be the case, but if you want to stay


Top 9 Rocky Mountain Adventures for the Adrenaline Junkie

If you’ve ever been to any of the American national parks you know what all the fuzz is about: the majestic nature perfect for almost any sort of photography, mountains and lakes and rivers wherever you look. The Rocky Mountains are no different, but when you’re done with the views and want some exciting, thrilling


Top 9 Co-Living Spaces

If you’re already an experienced digital nomad or traveler you most likely know the ins and outs of co-living, but for anyone new in the business it might be a term that you’ve heard, but still, don’t know too much about. No problem. We do, and we’re going to teach you everything you need to

Travel Apps

Top Apps for Traveling the World

Have you ever looked at all your travel bookings or scrolled through site after site looking for the cheapest flights, wondering if there’s an easier way? Well, there is. Travel apps. There are loads of good ones, and their sole purpose is to make your travels quicker, cheaper, more fun and less stressful. And they


International Traveling for Beginners: All You Need to Know

As you probably know, traveling is our bread and butter, the air we breathe and kind of the only way we can see ourselves living. We really recommend it – but, we’re rather experienced by now, and totally get how it can be very daunting to start planning to leave the country when you’ve been


Can Cruises Work For The Adventure Traveler?

The idea of taking to the seas aboard a cruise ship had never interested me. My grandparents had cruised extensively, but the fact that they were old, wealthy, and incredibly British meant from a young age, my assumption was that cruises weren’t the most exciting places to be. My own idea of a great trip

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