Top 9 Co-Living Spaces

If you’re already an experienced digital nomad or traveler you most likely know the ins and outs of co-living, but for anyone new in the business it might be a term that you’ve heard, but still, don’t know too much about. No problem. We do, and we’re going to teach you everything you need to


Top Skills for Remote Jobs (and Where to Get Them)

So, you want to try out this remote work thing (which is pretty awesome, btw!) but aren’t really sure how to go about it, how to get the skills that you need – or what those skills are, for that matter? Then you’re definitely in the right place; because we’ve worked remotely for the past


7 Remote Jobs That Anyone Can Do

If you’re way too excited to start your new life of digital nomad to wait until you have the skills necessary to work in your industry of choice, don’t worry – there are many remote jobs that require next to no experience, meaning that you can book your first ticket sooner than you’d expect. Pretty


Top Locations Around the World for Digital Nomads

Remember dial-up internet and phones that could only hold about five texts? No? Neither do we. We’re not that old. Promise. Anyhow, long gone are the days of large internet bills, and with WiFi around every corner the world is literally your oyster – why not make the most of it! Whether you’re just starting

Using your phone abroad

The Travellers Guide to Getting Online & Data Roaming

The complete guide to SIM cards, WiFi Hotspot Devices & Data Roaming. For travellers and Vanlifers. As you might have guessed, Nadia and I both have remote jobs. They give us a ton of freedom, but as you also may have guessed – require us to be online and working — gotta pay those bills


How We Make Money on the Road

We get a lot of questions from our travel tribe, most of them asking about how we make money while traveling the world full-time. So, without further ado – I’m going to run through what David and I do so that we can work three days per week, and still afford to live a life


Will Taking A Sabbatical to Travel Hurt my Career?

For the ambitious adventure seeker, finding a balance between your passion for travel, and getting to the top in your field can be a tough balancing act. Often this results in work coming first, but eventually, this can lead to career fatigue and regret later in life. So, is it possible to “take a break”

Malaga, Spain

A Digital Nomad’s Guide to Malaga

For the Digital Nomad, finding a destination that ticks all of the boxes can be tough. On our recent travels, we found that Malaga, on the Costa Del Sol in Spain happens to be one of those gems! Combining great places to work, convenience, adventure, and a low cost of living! We ended up staying

Roam Bali Co Living

My Top 3 Co-Living Spaces: Includes master list of co-living spaces around the world

Update: Since creating this post I’ve created a master list of co-living spaces around the world.  Co-Living is a thing. It’s becoming a big thing. It’s pretty much like the 90’s all over again where people have come back to the realization that living with others can be fun and cheaper… well, actually no, for