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A Travelers Guide To Cape Town

A Travelers Guide To Cape Town

Cape Town stole our hearts. It has to be one of my all-time favorite locations on earth. A beautiful city with everything a digital nomad needs, fulfilling the daily requirements of a hipster with some of the best mountain and beach locations literally within a stone throw. It is fucking mega!

So here are my tips for Cape Town funzies!


Why I love Cape Town

Simple, there is so much to do, and everything is so close, cheap and god damn beautiful. Cape Town does have a lot to offer, and I never expected it!

Where to stay in Cape Town?

Everyone speaks about Woodstock and how it is the Brooklyn of 20 years ago. Which may be true, however, for me, I enjoyed staying in Tamboerskloof. Tamboerskloof is a seriously epic location for getting around both by car or on foot. 

Lions Head and Table Mountain are around the corner which makes for the perfect running location and some gorgeous views! That combined with the nearby beach of Camps Bay and you’ll have enough to keep you busy for your first week, easy.

How to get around?

Rent a car (or motorbike if you’re cool), you just have to, there is so much to see near Cape Town, and throughout South Africa, it is a must-have, and pretty cheap!

What to do and see in Cape Town?

The beach (and my days they are gorgeous)

Camps Bay - The local beach and closest to Tamboerskloof. It is a beautiful local beach, and if you’re lucky you might see some dolphins in the bay

Boulders beach - ever seen a beach full of penguins? No? Then you have to visit this beach!


Sunset beach - if you’re looking for a sunset photo of table mountain, this is the beach for you. The perfect selfie location

Noordhoek Beach - This was by far my favorite beach near Cape Town. Killer surf, one of the most beautiful drives to get there along Chapman's Peak Drive. Complete with horse rides along the beach and some great cafes.

Muizenberg - if you’ve ever seen photos of brightly colored beach huts near Cape Town the photos are from here. Also, a fantastic beginners surf location with some fantastic coffee shops lining the beachfront.

Lions Head - for me, wallies cave made this hike for me. It's a quick 2-hour hike up and down. Skip it on a windy day, or you might find yourself clinging to the cliff edge like us trying not to die!

Table Mountain - OMG, what a hike. I recommend the gorge hike to get the most of the hike and view. Also, it means you can take this photo at the top

Cape Point - Unbelievable cliffs, wildlife, and beaches. This is pretty much the most beautiful part of Cape Town and included in the Table Mountain National Park. 

Safari - Kind of a given… just do it!

Whale watching - Boat rides to spot whales in the wild or swim with sharks happen on a daily basis near Cape Town and are worth doing if you get the chance! A must do, that unfortunately we never got the opportunity to try as we just ran out of time. Next time Cape Town, next time!

Sandboarding - one of my favorite days out in Cape Town. I’m a snowboarder at heart and giving me the opportunity to do one of my favorite sports in shorts, and a tee in blistering heat and gorgeous dunes is a win-win for me. Atlantis dunes also have ATV, dirt bikes and other bitching things to do

Woodstock - a cool area of town that is quickly becoming the hipster capital. Great coffee, great food, and some killer graffiti to hunt down.

Best time to go?

We visited in the heart of winter. This isn’t the best time to visit, a little cold for us beach bums, but still crazy beautiful, loads of sun and just magical.

However, I would recommend going in January once the weather has improved and you can make the most of the beaches and get your tan on! 

I’ll be back

giphy (1).gif

Cape Town was so good during winter I'll have to come back in the summer. One of the best places on earth, easily!

p.s. Keep an eye out for the cheeky baboons on the side of the roads. They love a visitor!

My overall rating for Cape Town: 9/10 😱 ❤️ 🎉 

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