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Joining the Vanlife movement in Europe

Joining the Vanlife movement in Europe

After four years of traveling the world full-time, We’ve decided to mix things up. We’re joining the not-so-crazy phenomenon of #vanlife. Unlike most vanlifers who are traveling around the US, we’re going to be joining the movement in Europe, and eventually taking our bus around the globe.

Van Life isn’t a downgrade for us, it's quite the opposite. We travel with a single carry-on each. Everything we own fits in those two bags, or at least, that’s how it used to be! For the first time in a long time, we have a home. A place to put things and better yet, it moves. This is our kind of home!

As of October 2017, we are now the proud owners of a 1969 VW Adventurewagon called Red. Well, it is red, kind of! She is EPIC!


Red spent the majority of her life in California and the Nevada desert, before being shipped to England (poor bus, right!). California has a little more to offer the old girl.

The memories this bus has seen must be fantastic, and we don’t want her new life to be anything short of amazing.

In 1969 Red was sold in El Cajon, California. As the new owners of Red, we feel like it is only right that we see her “birthplace” and therefore, we’re not just setting out on a European adventure in Red, we’re going to take her around the world!

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Yo dawg, Red isn’t any old VW T2; she’s been pimped. At some point in her life she’s been lowered, and since owning her, we’ve had the incredible Kustom Life Space put a brand new and amazing interior in her. We’ve got a fridge, electric sink, gas burner, power for our gadgets and it's fucking amazing!


After a few weeks of testing out van life in the relative safety of England. Filling her with everything we can think of we’re about to head off to France, our first stop on what is going to be a wondrous, and endless, adventure.

We’re going to be documenting our entire experience here on our blog and our Instagram. So be sure to check in from time to time! Just like our previous travels over the past four years, this trip has to end date and no final destination. We’re just trading in the plane for something with a little more leg room!


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