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Deciding to live The Van Life

Deciding to live The Van Life

How we decided to live van life while adventuring in Cape Town this past summer...

Should we, or shouldn’t we? Sat here in Cape Town, David and I are currently deliberating what could be the greatest idea of our lives - should we buy a camper and live the van life?

After four years of traveling the world together, we’ve got this type of travel down pat; with rented cars, Airbnb’s and flights around the globe every month, all with nothing more than hand luggage.

But we’ve always had this feeling that we’re missing out, missing out on the scenic routes, the sports that we don’t have the equipment for, and the ability to stop whenever we find a hidden gem!

Tiny Ambitions


Years ago, not long after we met, I cautiously told David of my lifelong dream to own a tiny house and just keep rolling to where the next adventure took me. This was at that beginning stage where I was sure I’d freak him out, but much to my surprise, he not only loved the idea, but he immediately started looking into how we could get started on this tiny adventure.

At the time, we were living in Oslo, so we started looking for a tiny house builder in Europe - turns out, that’s way harder than either of us expected. After looking into all of the options, it just wasn’t viable as an immediate leap - so we put that idea on ice, and started traveling.

Upping The Ante

But just last week, sat in our favorite co-working spot in Cape Town, David decided to up the ante. “Why don’t we buy a vintage VW and travel the world by road?” he blurted out as I was immersed in my writing.

“We’ll have room for snowboards, bikes, and surfboards; not to mention, we don’t have to tow anything” he concluded.

After the initial feeling of “what on earth are you talking about” wore off, I knew that he’d made two great points, I love all of the sports that we rarely get to partake in, and I utterly hate towing after a trailer accident with one of my horses years ago.

And so it seemed that he’d done it - he’d found the ultimate solution with van life! Tiny houses either take years to build or have a waiting list just as long - but in a camper, we could grab one and go.

Adventurers For Life!

I don’t think that van life, or for that matter - our current life as full time travelers would suit everyone. There are some great parts to everything, but, of course, there are challenges with any lifestyle.

We’ve learned a lot in the past few years about traveling, and how to make it work full-time, so we know that there’s going to be a mega learning curve for van life, but we’re up for the challenge.

For us, we’re both super aware of what we want from our lifestyle, and that’s constant adventure and activities. Neither of us has ever been into possessions, and anything has to be better than spending what feels like half of your life in airports or on airplanes!

Screw it, Let’s Do It

So here we are, now in the apartment, with hot chocolate and blankets (because let me tell you, Cape Town in August is pretty gosh darned chilly), looking through every single VW for sale ad, and getting a bit too excited.

Are we crazy? Only one week later and we’re looking to jump in at the deep end and start out on this new adventure of van life before the month's even up; ah, who cares, we’re going for it!

Our first week living The Van Life

Our first week living The Van Life

Joining the Vanlife movement in Europe

Joining the Vanlife movement in Europe