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Our first week living The Van Life

Our first week living The Van Life

We had prepared ourselves for the first week living in Red to be pretty much like Marmite, we’d either love it or hate it, and thank goodness - we loved it!

The weather has helped, with unseasonably mild and dry weather, we’ve been able to throw open the side door and just hang out.

Usually, we’re coffee shop peeps, hanging out on the couches just like any scene in Friends when they’re at Central Perk, but since getting Red, we’d far rather grab a coffee to go and sit in the bus.

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It’s weird; we’ll just sit there completely silently, sipping our coffee, and having a great time. That may not sound too weird, but anyone that knows me knows that I’m not the “quiet type,” bet David has been loving the peace and quiet hahaha.

Driving Time

One thing we knew to expect was that getting places is a hell of a lot slower - but geez, you’ve got to resign yourself to the fact that you now live in “bus time.” 

We’ve had a mixed bag of reactions from fellow road dwellers, with some drivers throwing us the peace sign, and others thinking that Red is a piece of junk - how very dare they.

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We’re still trying to work out just how much slower we are, but as our speedometer is a little temperamental, and ol’ Red isn’t a huge fan of hills, but then again who is?!

Camping Spots

We had this idea before getting the VW that we’d be rocking up to some pretty remote, or hidden spots for camping, you know, keeping it subtle and all.

But actually, we’ve found tonnes of quiet places just on the edge of big towns that we’ve been able to camp with no hassle at all (hope I haven’t jinxed us now).

There are a couple of apps that have been great for finding last-minute spots; Park 4 Night, and Camper Contact, the first being our favorite but we did find one incredible spot on the latter!

Buying The Necessities

Now that we’ve moved in, we’re starting to get a feel for what we need. We talked about buying all of the cookware, and storage tubs, etc. before we even picked up the VW, but we were worried that we’d end up buying stuff that we didn’t end up using.

I’m so glad that we’ve done it this way around because a lot of the things that I added to our “To Buy” Pinterest board now clearly aren’t necessary. Hopping onto Amazon to order just about everything we’ll need - I’ll try to get around to making a post about everything we bought, but bear with me on that!

Final Thoughts

Traveling to different apartments in cities all over the world has been great, and I was absolutely sure that I’d miss the convenience, and perhaps the feeling of luxury (you know, having a bathroom!).

But I’ve got to say, this brings something entirely different, in that it already feels like home. We’ve been so used to home being wherever we are that you forgot how great it could be to have somewhere familiar to rest your head every night.

I wouldn’t change it for the world!


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