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Beginners guide to remote working

Beginners guide to remote working

Remote working isn’t new, remote working to varying degrees has been around since the dawn of time. However, now more than ever remote working isn’t a product of your career but more a lifestyle choice a lot of us demand.

Remote working as we know it today spawned from the digital age. We no longer needed to sit in an office, let alone a cubical to do our work.


The internet is wireless, we have high speeds at home and pretty much every cafe on the planet.

Slowly, and mostly within the tech industry we began to realize that we could work from home, then we related we could work from cafes, and now the world has realized we can work from anywhere with an internet connection, even that stunning beach half way around the world. 😎

I’ve been remote working since 2012, and I love it more than my morning smoothie bowl! I spend most of my time traveling and finding the most inspiring and relaxing places to work on the planet.

Remote working isn’t hard, to be honest, its not much different from working within an office at times. However, from my experience remote working is something only a particular type of human can perfect.

This lifestyle choice, after all, is full of distractions, if you’re like me, then you’re most likely sat on/near a stunning tropical beach, watching the surf with a smoothie bowl in hand. The temptation to surf instead of working is extremely seductive!

This post isn’t going to be about tools because tools cannot help a remote worker succeed at this life style, they just aid them in productivity. I’m going to talk to you guys about how to be a remote worker, and I mean a real remote worker, any time zone, any country, work anytime, and it’s easy, all you need to be good at is one single thing….

💬 Communication.

No no… wait… two things

💬 Communication.
✅ Getting your shit done.

If you’re the kind of human that doesn’t need a project manager standing over your shoulder all the time, then you can lead one of the most amazing lifestyles out there.

I’m human just like you, that beach does look good, those waves look sick as fuck to ride, and merlins beard I will be on that beach riding those waves as soon as this smoothie bowl has been stuffed down my face!

giphy (1).gif

Wait? What?! You’re giving in to the temptation? 😲

Darn right I am, why remote work if you’re just going to sit on your ass all day working? You can work at night, in the morning, literally whenever you want.

As long as I communicate well, and get my work finished to the highest standard possible (on time too), why shouldn’t I ride those sick waves and get sunburnt to the point of looking like a shiny Magikarp?

So what do I communicate? I can hear you saying, “this guy can’t possibly tell his clients he’s about to go surfing in the middle of the day instead of work?” Yes, I can! Better yet, the client completely understands, doesn’t worry and thinks I’m the best thing since David Hasselhoff stepped out of Kit in 1982!


So the real question here, is why can’t you do the same? Simple. You didn’t communicate your lifestyle to your client; you didn’t provide full transparency.

Full transparency? 😕

By full transparency, I mean this in two aspects, work and lifestyle.

For work it’s pretty simple, I assign myself (and my client) tasks with deadlines and make sure they’re achieved on time. The client can see what I’m working and when.

For lifestyle when I pitch to a client I inform them of my lifestyle and how it impacts work. I work 4 hours a day, whatever hours work best for me in my current time zone. I give them valid reasons why this is better for them than hiring the other guy (I’m more inspired, more productive and to continue my lifestyle and get the next project I need their referrals and happiness). Again forming trust rather than pulling a sicky and being caught with an Instagram full of beach selfies.

You have to remember that remote working maybe the hottest thing on the inter webs right now, but that does not mean your lifestyle and way of remote working is the norm.

From my research and experience, remote working is still very much a glorified way of saying “you can work from home” whereas in the minds of us remote workers we’re thinking of beaches, Piña colada and being on Slack as little as possible. With one side of the relationship having different X from the other you’re bound to bump heads.

When it comes to the communication, I keep it simple. If the client assigns me a task or messages me, I make sure to respond and inform them of when I shall get back to them/complete the task. Should I decide to go off on an adventure, I’ll send them a message letting them know when I’ll be back. Honesty is always the best policy!

So there it is the guide to remote working. Communicate and get your shit done. It’s that simple.

Catch you next time! ✌️

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