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Never lose anything while traveling again

Never lose anything while traveling again

Picture this, you’ve traveled to some beautiful hotel or Airbnb and stayed there awhile. Your toiletries are in the bathroom, your clothes in the cupboard, and your work gear litters the desk.

Nice, neat and tidy like! After all, as they say, a home for everything, and everything in its home.

Now it’s the end of your stay, you pack up your stuff, do a final sweep of the apartment and head off to the next destination.

But, eventually, you realize that something was left behind. A lone sock perhaps, a charging cable, your toothbrush. Sometimes it doesn’t really matter, other times it’s your favorite nipple tassel 😱 and you can’t for the life of you remember where you bought it from.

I’ve been on the road for nearly 4 years now. In that time, I’ve packed countless bags and stayed in hundreds of places. From castles to mere tents, and you’d think that I would have lost more than the odd sock along the way, alas, I’ve lost nothing during the past 4 years and here’s why…

I don’t unpack.


Yup, that’s right, I never, ever unpack.


Everything has it’s home, however, those places are all contained within my little old backpack that comfortably (a.k.a forced to fit) contains everything I own.


Clean clothes, dirty clothes, electronics, right down to my three pens. Every single item has its assigned home and that’s where it stays.

This simple method makes it near impossible to lose anything.

It’s quite simple if I want something, I know where it is and if it isn’t there, I know I need to find it and put it back.

I also have a second part to my method; basic math. I have a certain number of each item. I do my final check of my bag before zipping it up before a journey, and as long as each area is filled with the correct number of items — I know I’m good to go. Usually, a glance is enough, but sometimes that lone sock can get forgotten in that pesky washing machine and you might accidentally set your House Elf free!


If you’re the type of traveler that has to buy new socks everywhere you go, give this method a try! It saves time and money in the long run, and certainly helps you out when you have that last minute dash to the airport at 4 am!

Keep saying yes to life and I’ll catch you next time!

Laterz Dudezzzzz ✌️

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