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Sand Boarding in Cape Town

Sand Boarding in Cape Town

When you think of Africa, you think of going on safari. Driving down dirt roads, seeing the odd lion and being surrounded by wildlife. However, like most stereotypes, Africa has a lot more to offer and a lot more city life than you might think.

We came to Cape Town; it made sense, the place has a wicked array of vegan food, more coworking spaces than San Francisco and access to some of the most beautiful scenery around.

Now, Cape Town may be lacking in the Lion department, but it quickly makes up for it in the different experiences you can have here. Everything from hiking to whale watching and in our case and on this particular weekend, Sand boarding.

Yup. Sand boarding. Here is the math...

Sand Dunes + Snow Boards = Sand Boarding

Got it?! Great 👍

The Atlantis Sand Dunes just north of Cape Town have so many different activities. As someone who loves snow boarding, but prefers to live life in shorts and tank tops, this was a very welcome addition to my love of board sports. 

I've actually done something very similar in Utah, I happened to have a boogie board in the trunk and we ended up freezing our tits off in the Coral Pink Sand Dunes. Cape Town, however, won me over with the added bonus of sun and heat!


I couldn't recommend this one enough, and I will certainly go back to Atlantis Dunes for more board action as well as some ATV and dirt bike fun!

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