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Scotland: A 10 day road trip

Scotland: A 10 day road trip

A few months ago we decided to go on a road trip around Scotland. For those that don't know I'm actually half Scottish. My Dad is originally from Scotland and due to my rather nomadic lifestyle, we decided what better than to combine a family visit with this road trip and end up with our very own local tour guide in the process.

Scotland, to be fair, does occasionally rain, and by occasionally I mean pretty much every-single-day. So a ten-day trip isn't recommended but with four people comprising of two nomads, one American and my Dad who lives as far south as you can possibly achieve in England, 10 days were all the logistics left us with.

The road trip up was as expected, a lot of service stations and not much to see that we hadn't already witnessed in England. But I had a little surprise up my sleeve, otherwise known as a Castle. See it was Nadia's birthday and what better way to celebrate in our homeland of Britain than a stay in a castle?!

Here is the castle we stayed in 👇

Only kidding, that's York! 

We actually stayed at Hazelwood Castle, near Leeds. They also have this adventure company on the grounds which have activities like archery, which needless to say we partook in but had our booties handed to us by the oldies! I'd like to say we were just respecting our elders, but alas, they just genuinely destroyed us!


After a pretty swanky night in the castle the further north we traveled the more amazing the scenery until we eventually reached our destination. Now, we didn't get to visit everywhere in Scotland we hoped for, but here is our wishlist of places, for those that have more than 10 days:

  • Skye
  • Glen Coe
  • Isle of Rum
  • Kilchurn

Here are the photos from the adventure that made it onto Instagram!

It was a truly magical trip and we will have to return to Scotland soon to see more!

My overall rating for Scotalnd: 9/10 ☔️ 🌈 🏰 💪

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