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One week in Iceland: What to do and see

One week in Iceland: What to do and see

Saying yes to life more often than not results in some of the best adventures I have whilst traveling the world. So when my good friend Kalle asked if I wanted to go with him to Iceland for a week, I couldn't say no!

My first thought was that a week in Iceland wouldn't be enough, but sometimes I forget, that when you travel with Kalle Moen, you're on a non-stop, fast paced adventure and a week is more than enough!

So here is everything you can see in Iceland, in a week, if you've got the energy levels to make it happen!

Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon

This one had to be top of the list as my favorite experience, and not just because our friend Martin decided to take a little dip in the ice cold water butt naked! Really worth a visit and seriously beautiful. See what wildlife you can spot in the water too, there is a lot more than you might expect.

Ghost Town


This was one hell of a find. We even battled a snow storm to visit this abandoned Viking film set in the middle of nowhere. It's never been used but looks like something from hundreds of years ago. We had some great fun exploring all the buildings and making friends with the nearby ponies!

Abandoned Plane

When you drive past this place you see a stream of constant people walking down the black sand beach to the plane. It's not the most amazing of the places to visit, but based on the stream of people it's become one of the must do's of an Iceland trip.

Blue Lagoon Spa

Before this experience, I had never been to a spa. Let alone an open aired spa in the middle of an Icelandic winter. I have to say, if all spas were like this I would visit one every single day. This was an amazing experience. Not the most relaxing when a snow storm is busy attacking your face whilst your body is nice and warm, but an experience non-the-less.

Eirik the Red´s homestead

We traveled for hours and hours to visit this house. The oldest Viking house in the world, home to Eirik the Red, who found and settled Greenland. When we arrived, this place was actually closed and as you can see by the photo we may have opened the door regardless and had a look around! The scenery on the drive to this place was unreal. 

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, Skógafoss Waterfall and Hraunfossar Waterfall


Whenever possible along our routes we pulled up to as many waterfalls as possible to get some wicked cool photos. These are the three I recommend the most. 

Gunnuhver Hot Spring (haunted)

If you want a nice bedtime tale of a haunted hot spring and to see a load of... well... hot springs. Then this one is a good quick visit. We didn't stay long the weather didn't really allow our faces the opportunity to survive outside for more than 20 minutes on this particular day but it was a nice-to-see.

Strokkur Geysir

One of the more touristy offerings to visit, and one that requires a little patience as the Geysir decides when it would like to erupt, rather than erupting to your schedule. I would say this one is cool to see but don't spend more than 30 minutes here. We had more fun in the nearby playground!

Iceland was truly amazing and I cannot express that enough. Hands down one of my favorite trips of 2017 and it only lasted a week!

I give Iceland a 10/10 ❄️ 😱 🌋

If you want to see more, including Martin going for an ice cold swim in that glacier then watch these videos of our trip 👇

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