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Trending digital nomad cities and hubs around the world

Trending digital nomad cities and hubs around the world

Working as a "digital nomad" is becoming more mainstream each year and each year particular cities become hubs for these nomads. There are a few core ingredients that make these cities ideal for the nomadic worker; beaches, amazing weather, fast as fuck wifi are usually the go-to requirements and these places are hitting those marks well!



Lisbon has become so popular even your Mom is investing dollar there. It has it all, cheap, great food, an insane amount of tech based events every day and for most Europeans, it is a short and cheap flight. No wonder this place is booming right now! I mean, have you tasted a Pastel de nata?

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Gran Canaria

Gaining popularity with remote workers for its beaches, insane weather, high-speed webbies this place is really starting to adopt the digital nomad way of life. With multiple co-working spaces popping up you know the nomads want some of that action.


Berlin in recent years has started to really attract a lot of the digital nomad community. Co-Living spaces are starting to appear and where they appear the rest of the digital nomad community seems to follow. Watch out, I hear this place is next on Roam's (a co-living space) hit list!




The more Silicon Valley overcrowds, the more tech seems to move south to LA. With Venice becoming a hotspot for digital nomads and creatives alike. YouTubers really have helped bring LA to the top of any digital nomads list, especially Venice, a hipster coffee living area that has a really awesome vibe.


Austin is getting pretty hot hot hot, with the American crowd. The city has a lot to offer and prices are on the cheap side and this means digital nomads are showing up to get involved with all the tech companies!



Portland is making a name for itself within the travel community mainly because of its love for the tiny home. This place is really becoming a hub for those that want to live life small and minimalist. #vanlife!




Bali is filled with travelers of all shapes and sizes, the place is crazy cheap, warm and filled with culture and crazy good food. What else does a digital nomad need to survive? This is hands down one of my top nomad hubs. Bali just has so much to offer.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is the perfect place for travelers and seems to attract a lot of first timers. A mixture of being insanely cheap, in Asia and having more culture than you can digest, it has resulted in this place being overrun with laptop wielding travelers.


Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, and with that comes great airport connections and a very busy and vibrant city. This is usually one of the first stops along a digital nomads asian adventure and has lead to it's traveler boom.


Which hub is right for you?

There are certain factors that draw me to certain hubs and in my opinion, it is simply a matter of personal preference. For example, Bali has so much to offer: jungles, beaches, water sports, great food, cheap and warm. Whereas somewhere like Lisbon, for me at least, has very little to offer. It's just a pretty city! Finding a hub that really represents you as a person makes a huge difference and usually results in you finding, like-minded people. 


Which hubs am I most interested in?

After just completing four months in Asia and Africa, checking out the nomad hubs and falling in love with Bali, I'm trying my hardest to keep the adventurer alive and break the mold by visiting European hubs. Perhaps Europe is finally catching up with America, we shall see!

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