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15 Of The Best Van Life Homes

15 Of The Best Van Life Homes

For those of you who crave an adventurous life, want to hit the road and never look back, but still have a place to call home, then read on dear reader, read on!

For the past year I have been a van life addict, and in that time, I’ve spotted many a favorite home on wheels, with just the right blend of rugged and homely combined to make the ultimate rolling home.

So without further ado, it’s time to prove to my boyfriend that scrolling Instagram and Pinterest wasn’t a waste of time - because it’s brought you this wondrous list of Martha Stewart worthy van life homes - in no particular order!


1. Idle Theory Bus


You know when you park your car in a parking lot and then can’t seem to find it again? Well, you wouldn’t have that problem with this bright orange beast.

Home to the lovely Kit and J.R for over five years, these guys are the epitome of “doing van life right.” Their home is entirely functional, with loads of storage, and by golly has it taken them on a ton of adventures - after all, that’s what life is really about, not how big your fridge is!

2. Timeless Adventures


This little beauty isn’t your average “Van Life Mobile.” On the outside, you’d be forgiven for assuming that a quiet couple from Cornwall were sitting inside playing chess. 

But no - inside of this rolling house you’ll find a couple of crazy Swedes, their adorable pooch - and one of the coziest setups we’ve seen!

3. The Van Life


One for the super active lifestyle, and as a newbie vanlifer, it’s pretty much what I want our little home to be! 

With surfboards, dirtbikes, and awnings for gatherings with friends - could it get any better?! 

4. Gabrielle Nelson


If storage is what you’re looking for in your van home, then get ready to be inspired by Gabrielle's set up!

Not only does she have a ton of cupboards which we all know are handy as can be when you’re living in such a small space - but I’m in love with the mason jar storage for dried goods!

5. Summer of Seventy Five


If you don’t immediately swoon at that hella cool pop top and roof rack set up, I don’t know if we can be friends anymore unless you have cake, then we’re cool.

So many vans have super modern interiors, we tried to keep ours quite retro but the guys from Summer of Seventy Five beat us when it comes to old skool vibes, and it somehow makes this VW look even cozier!

6. Pine Pins


The best feature of any van home, a captain’s chair! This swivel passenger chair makes the world of difference, especially when having friends over.

And if they weren’t increasing their usable space enough, the Pinepins guys have the counter space that you’d expect to find in your Granny’s cottage, perfect for making feasts, or using as a workstation! 

7. Chiona Life


The Chiona Life crew certainly have color coordination down to an art! Their teal setup is so inviting and makes me think of relaxing days hanging out by the beach with a glass of iced tea in hand.

The best part of their interior? Oh, I don’t know, how about the rad beach bar - perfect for serving that iced tea!

8. The Skoolie


OK, so this isn’t a van, but I think that our Bus dwelling friends deserve a shout out for doing such a stellar job with their home on wheels!

The Skoolie is the ultimate in spacious luxury, not only does this home feature a farmhouse style kitchen, and its very own bathroom, but they even have a flipping roof terrace AND back deck for storing your bikes/motorbike. 

9. Slow N Steady Living


Most vanlifers are used to the juggling of their couch also folding into their bed, so if someone wants a nap - you’re both having a nap! But not for Matt and Steph, oh no, these lucky devils not only have a fixed bed, but two couches as well.

Their van is a full on permanent hightop which makes for masses of storage, but unlike many storage-packed vans; theirs is light, bright, and airy thanks to the plentiful windows.

10. Wandxr Bus


We’ve got a soft spot for the Wandxrbus because she’s a VW Adventurewagen just like our Red. 

We love the retro feel in this one, and all of the exposed wood and adorable curtains - even on the top windows, this bus just makes me want to spend the day cruising around SoCal!

11. Blue Moon The Crew


One of the newer buses on our list, we usually prefer the oldies, but there’s just something about this pop-top VW that’s so charming. 

Viktoria and Michael are the intrepid pair that calls this van home, and unlike many vanlifers - their preference is chasing the colder weather, and that’s what makes this newer model perfect - less worry of breaking down and better insulation!

12. Better Off Lost


Adam is the captain of the Better Off Lost Mobile, and together with his lady friend, Alice - they’re touring Australia in this refreshingly clean and simple van. 

Clearly, a lot of time was spent planning before getting to work on self-converting this Renault Master because they got it just right! With a light, and bright bedroom area, and uber homely colorful wooden kitchen; it’s the perfect combo of clean and practical design!

13. 40 Hours of Freedom


Sara and Alex have done an awesome job at creating their incredibly light and welcoming little home. My favorite feature is their workstation, the perfect size for two to work comfortably, or to host a board games night after all of the work is done!

The interior of their van is so homely; it’s shocking to see just how “stealthy” the exterior is. If only those passing by knew just what they were missing out on seeing on the inside!

14. Where’s My Office Now


This rugged beauty just conjures images of adventures in my mind. You can easily imagine Emily and Corey spending their Saturday mornings going mountain biking, or doing yoga at sunset. 

Best of all - that bus looks as though it could navigate even the most treacherous terrain for those days you just have to know what’s at the end of that dirt track!

15. Saying Yes Is


There is no way I could exclude our very own Red from this list! I know, I’m biased, but she has to be the best bus of all time. Before buying her, we were umming and ahhing over whether to get a hightop or not - and let me tell you now, best decision we ever made.

The custom upholstery is probably my favorite feature inside, either that - or the workspace that we had made to be the perfect height and ergonomic for working on your computer for hours at a time.


Final Thoughts

If you’re currently trying to decide whether van life is the right lifestyle for you, I can’t say “Yeah go for it” or “No, you’ll hate it,” I can only give my two cents, and we’ve loved every minute of it. 

OK, so that’s a lie. Sometimes there are challenges, but there are challenges with every lifestyle, whether you live in an apartment, or a giant palace made of chocolate! 

We’ve broken down, we’ve run out of propane, we’ve gotten wedged stuck onto a road, but you know what; the adventures and great times that we’ve had since getting our little “69 VW have far outweighed any hiccups. 

Waking up on a cliff top overlooking the ocean, or seeing the looks of sheer joy on peoples faces as they drive past honking and waving are just two examples of what makes this lifestyle so worthwhile.

Did we miss out any of your fave vanlife homes? Comment below so that we can include them in Pt2!

Hugs and Cookies, 

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