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The 9 Cutest Van Life Dogs

The 9 Cutest Van Life Dogs

Life just isn’t quite the same without a four-legged friend to share it with, and even though you may choose to travel full-time, and live in a van - it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a fur baby to share the fun with.

So, simply because I want to spend today writing about some adorable little scamps, here’s a list of the absolutely most adorable van life dogs on Instagram.

1. Wandxrbus - Austin and Seepy


In first place, we have the utterly adorable little and large team of Austin (Rottweiler), and Seepy (Miniature Pinscher). These two are twinning at life, with their matching eyebrows and big brown eyes, I mean come on - just look at them!

Owned by the awesome Jimmy and Sabrina! Sabrina is a big dog lover, and grew up with a Rottweiler, sadly at the age of fourteen due to her parents divorcing, she had to say goodbye to her beloved Rottie, but while it was sad - her Mom eventually surprised Sabrina with a Miniature Pinscher - and that’s how her love for both breeds began!

Visit their Instagram @Wandxrbus

2. Veggie Van Life - Argo and Roe


Argo (brown and white) and Roe (albino) are the two puppers you’ll see gracing the photos from Veggie Van Life! You can’t tell from their smiling faces, and carefree attitude, but these two cuties had a tough start in life.

Argo was abandoned in the streets of Romania with a wire wrapped around his neck, but thanks to the work of some incredibly kind-hearted souls from Every Life Counts, a dog rescue group that spend their lives trying to help animals - Argo was brought to the UK and gradually began to trust humans again.


Roe came all the way from the Azores, she was turned in to the only dog pound on the island which is unfortunately not a no-kill shelter, and thankfully rescue teams worked to get her out of there and into a foster home before her time was up.

Smalldog Rescue then brought her to the UK where she was introduced to her furrever family where she has been for three months but judging by this expression, she’s already well and truly settled it!

Visit their Instagram @Veggievanlife

3. Vanlife Ian Dow Travels - Dino


Dino is the chilled out pooch that travels the world with his human, Ian. Before sharing his life, and van with Dino - Ian had always been an intrepid explorer, and one fateful summer while working on a farm in California; he happened to make friends with the farm's friendly dog - Rhino.

In passing, Ian said to Rhino’s owners that if they ever have puppies - he’d love one, fast forward only two weeks and Ian got the call! So ready or not, he was soon going to welcome home his new puppy!

Dino is the most joyful dog and loves nothing more than chasing stuff, he doesn’t really care what it is, a squirrel, a pine cone, or even his own tail!

Visit their Instagram here @Vanlife_ian_dow_travels

4. Timeless Adventures - Shanty and Aaqil


Meet Shanty and Aaqil two cuties owned by an incredibly kind hearted Swedish couple Vicky and Melvin.

Shanti (American Staffordshire Terrier) has been part of this family for her entire life, she’s incredibly playful and likes to try to jump on the bed when you’re not looking! She's a rambunctious pup, always ready to play, even after walking for hours and tiring out her humans!

Aaqil, on the other hand, only joined the family a few days ago. Upon pulling up to a gas station in Spain to fill up their camper, Vicky and Melvin were greeted by three street dogs, one of which was especially keen to make friends.

After chatting with the people at the gas station, it turned out that these dogs had been abandoned on the side of the road a few months previously and the gas station staff had been feeding them every day.

Well, Vicky being Vicky, she scooped up all of the dogs, and together with their friends - rescued all three of the dogs that night.

Visit their Instagram @Timelessadventures

5. Have Dogs Will Travel - Ramona, Whoopi, Chickpea, and Denim


Meet Ramona (second from left), Whoopi (right), Chickpea (second from right), and Denim (left) - the four fluff balls owned by Beth and Lauren from Have Dogs Will Travel, words can’t describe how cute this canine family truly is, so I’ll let their photos do the talking!


Have you met Riley? This eleven-year-old curly-haired pooch is living vanlife in style, aboard an incredibly stylish airstream.

But let’s not get distracted by the cute rolling home, let’s get distracted by the cutest tiny pooch around. Look at his little jumper, he’s wearing a little jumper, did you see the jumper?!

But Riley is no indoor dog, oh no, this pooch was born to hang out at the beach and loves nothing more than playing a good game of fetch along the golden sands!

Visit their Instagram @Mavistheairstream

7. Susi Cruzz - Peño


This is Peño, this scrunchy faced love bug is the furry fella that you’ll see scampering around on Susi Cruzz’s Instagram!

He has perhaps the most contagious smile that I’ve seen on a canine, and who can blame him, he’s living the high life being pampered by his human while traveling the world - that’s kind of everyone’s dream right?!

Visit their Instagram @Susicruzz

8. Brianna Madia - Dagwood and Bucket


Dagwood and Bucket are the two carefree canines living it up desert style with their humans Keith and Brianna.

These pooches live for adventure, and by golly will their pet parents do anything they can to give it to them.

These dogs don’t get left out of anything, from kayaking and hiking to cuddling up by the fire and having birthday parties, these lucky pups are right in the action, and just look at their faces; you can tell they’re having the time of their lives!

Visit their Instagram @Briannamadia

9. Oz N Pom On Tour - Zeike


Ah mah gah don’t you just wanna pick this guy up for a cuddle?! This ridiculously handsome devil is Zeike, the fur baby of Joel and Portia, and he’s currently traveling the US of A.

But don’t be fooled by his chilled out Cali style attitude, this fella isn’t a US native, nope - having conquered every region of his home country Australia, he flew over to try his hand at some exploration in the US and Canada.

And… he kinda looks like Toto from Wizard of Oz, come on, you were all thinking it!

Visit their Instagram @Oznpom_ontour

Final Thoughts

If you feel as though you’re fully committed to welcoming a four-legged friend into your van home, I’d strongly recommend that you contact your local rescue centers first, there are so many incredible dogs out there that need a home!

I'm always trying to write what you guys will be interested to read, so let me know in the comments if a guide on Vanlife Dog Ownership would be of interest!

Hugs and Cookies,


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