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A Digital Nomad's Guide to Malaga

A Digital Nomad's Guide to Malaga

For the Digital Nomad, finding a destination that ticks all of the boxes can be tough. On our recent travels, we found that Malaga, on the Costa Del Sol in Spain happens to be one of those gems!

Combining great places to work, convenience, adventure, and a low cost of living!

We ended up staying in the charming city for three weeks, and in that time we got to know the City pretty well.

So, to do our bit for our fellow Digital Nomads - we jotted down our top tips and finds to make your stay even more productive and enjoyable!


The Best Area

We stayed in Soho, this area is famed for being the hipster-ville of Malaga, and that suited us down to the ground!

Unlike the newer part of the city, where you’ll find chains such as H&M and Starbucks, this side of town is home to local independents such as The Barberia - a barbershop run by two impressively bearded fellows.

Soho is officially known as the art district, and because of that, many local artists worked together to put their mark on the walls of houses and business’ so that you can amble along the tiny streets of Soho and catch a glimpse of some of their colorful creations!

This area is conveniently located, yet far enough away from the party streets to make sure you get a good night’s sleep.


Places To Stay


As you may know, we ordinarily live in our 1969 VW Bus, but as she was in for repairs, we needed to find alternative accommodation, and we were pleasantly surprised that Malaga accommodation is surprisingly affordable and luxurious.

We booked pretty much the cheapest option in Soho that we could find, and that was a one bedroom apartment from Soho Centro Malagaflat costing €50 Per night (but watch out, there are additional fees for cleaning, and check in after 8 pm).

The apartment was super clean, incredibly roomy, and had everything I’d been missing from living in the VW - notably, a shower, oven, and space to hang up clothes!

On our last night in town, we stayed at the hostel and boutique hotel Dulce Dreams, this was the first time either of us had stayed in a hostel, but we opted for a private bedroom and bathroom - because why not.

The apartment definitely worked out to be more cost effective for a long period, but if you’re planning on passing through - a hostel would be your best bet because of hidden fees with many apartments.


Coffee and Food


Santa Canela Cafe

You’ll find a tiny hipster coffee shop down Calle Tomás Heredia called Santa Canela Cafe! We stumbled upon this well hidden, tavern-style coffee shop due to a Graffiti exploration. No power outlets were available so make sure that you’re fully charged first if you’re planning on working from here!


There are a few Starbucks in the city; our favorite was the one Plaza de Félix Sáenz because the entire upstairs area had seating for approximately 30 was perfect for working from, and only our fellow digital nomads seemed to be hanging out up here - so it was free from loud chatting!

You do have to arrive earlier in the day if you want to find a spot, we got there around 10 am each day, and it was almost empty.

The WIFI was reasonable, although did drop a few times when trying to make calls.

Costa Coffee

There is a Costa coffee on Plaza de la Constitución but as soon as we walked in to see whether it would be a possible place to work - it was packed, and we headed straight back out the door.


If you’d rather sit outside and enjoy the sunshine, then Lepanto is the place for you! This pastel colored cafe lies in the heart of Malaga, on the famously lit up street of Calle Marques de Larios.

No charging facilities were available outdoors at this cafe.




We heard about The Living Room co-working towards the very end of our impromptu stay in Malaga, which is weird, seeing as we were only one block from the place and we walked past it almost every day.

I saw their sign and thought that it was an old ladies knitting lounge, I’ll be honest, I’m equally disappointed and pleased that it wasn’t.

We’d been working from either Starbucks or our apartment but figured we’d give the Living Room a go on our last day in town.

As soon as we walked in, we were greeted with the warmest of welcomes from their uber chill community manager, Carlos, and after he gave us a quick tour, he set us up at a desk ready to get on with work!

Throughout the day, we met a bunch of incredibly warm and friendly co-workers, and I’ve got to say - it was the most friendly co-working space that we’ve ever been.

For the Digital Nomad looking to stay in Malaga for an extended period, I’d definitely recommend getting a desk at The Living Room so that you can get to know some locals, and have a guaranteed workspace.


Exploring the City


Life is all about working hard and playing hard, so one day, right after work - we decided to grab a couple of rental bikes and explore the city. As Malaga Bike Tours is the highest rated outdoor activity on Tripadvisor, we figured that would be an excellent place to start!

Kay, the owner of Malaga Bike Tours, was kind enough to hook us up with some snazzy cruisers, and armed with an old-school paper map; we decided to make our way through the winding streets and towards the beach!

The bike paths here are incredible, they’re everywhere, although we did take a quick detour from the bike path so that we could ride along the boardwalk - which was way more fun, even when we had to dodge some playful pups!

Having a bike to get around the city meant that we could see so much more, do yourself a favour and rent bikes - they save you so much time and you actually get to see a lot more than just your computer screen!


Unique Experiences


Most of us decide to pursue remote work so that we can experience more of life, with the majority of Digital Nomads - ourselves included being the type to say yes to life, yes to new experiences, and doing everything we can to keep that old fiend regret at bay!

So when David and I walked past the Hammam Arab Baths in Malaga, our curiosity was well and truly piqued!

I’m not usually a spa kind of lady, and neither is David! But enticed by the sweet aroma of incense, and the beauty of the majestically tiled entrance way - we decided to take a closer look!

It turns out that down this tiny alleyway in the center of Malaga old town, lies a bathhouse that transports you to another land, with terracotta archways decorated in the most exquisite tile, I’m not going to lie - I felt entirely like Princess Jasmine from Aladdin... so did David!

There were a bunch of different services, but we opted for the most popular, the emerge water experience - which is a fancy way of saying that we got to have a bath in the prefect's bathroom at Hogwarts!

Traveling shouldn’t be all about sitting at a desk and working, but experiencing the local culture too - and I’m glad that we stepped out of our comfort zones and did just that.


Final Thoughts

We’ve visited countless cities the world over, but Malaga ranks well up there among the best for our Digital Nomad needs.

The convenience of having places to work, good internet, power outlets - and a bunch of coffee is one thing, but this city had so much more than that.

With fun activities for after work and on the weekend, all right there on our doorstep - this is what made Malaga somewhere that we have great memories of - and not just memories of sitting at our laptops!

Hugs and Cookies, 


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