How to Live the Yes Life

Some things are a lot easier said than done, and saying yes to life is certainly one of them. It might feel like there are so many things in the way – schedules, lack of motivation or inability to step out of your comfort zone and ruffle up your familiar habits a bit, to name a few. We will provide you with the tips and tricks needed to live your life to the fullest.

Pro Tip: If you feel like you need that extra push to start saying yes to life, feel free to email us directly and we’ll be that support you need to make the most of life.

The first step

So, you’ve taken the first step, but where to go from here? Actually, you’re in the right place already, because this is where you can find our tips and tricks on how to get started saying yes to new, exciting experiences. And don’t worry; we are well aware that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither should your new life be! It’s perfectly fine, if not recommended, to start out with baby steps – you have the rest of your life to get the hang of it!

Get Inspired to Live a Life of Yes

Have you ever had a look at someone else’s life and thought to yourself: “now that is actually really cool, I’d love to do that”? Most of us probably have at one point or another, and for many people that thought is followed by another, saying that “it sure sounds great, but I could never do that, of course, I couldn’t”, and that’s where we have something to add: why the heck not?


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Find Experiences to Try

Breaking out of old habits and trying something new or visit unfamiliar places is key to pulling up your old life by its roots and see where your new one can take you. Making changes to your routine, big or small, can be a great way to start gaining new experiences. Whether you want local experiences or to find cool experiences whilst traveling, we have you covered.

Tips for Traveling

Did you know we’ve spent the past 5 years traveling the world full-time? We want to make the life of saying yes as easy as pie, which is why we’ve created a huge – and we mean huge! – amount of content where you can find information about the best and most fun experiences in destinations all over the world – so you don’t have to plan a thing, pretty sweet, right?! So whether you’re a full-time traveler or simply want to find local experiences in your area, we’ve got you covered!

Vanlife Tips and Tricks

We just spent the past year touring around Europe in our 1969 VW Bus living the #vanlife. Did you know it’s one of our favorite ways to travel!? For starters, you have both your bed and your belongings with you at all times – no need to carefully pack and weigh a suitcase or backpack, how great is that?! You’re also your own boss and can decide where and when to go, have a break or stay the night.

Luckily, you won’t have to spend much of your time on vanlife research, because we’ve done that for you. So if you’re interested in saying yes to the vanlife look no further!