Top Locations Around the World for Digital Nomads

Remember dial-up internet and phones that could only hold about five texts? No? Neither do we. We’re not that old. Promise. Anyhow, long gone are the days of large internet bills, and with WiFi around every corner the world is literally your oyster – why not make the most of it! Whether you’re

How We Make Money on the Road

We get a lot of questions from our travel tribe, most of them asking about how we make money while traveling the world full-time. So, without further ado – I’m going to run through what David and I do so that we can work three days per week, and still afford to live a life

Malaga, Spain

A Digital Nomad’s Guide to Malaga

For the Digital Nomad, finding a destination that ticks all of the boxes can be tough. On our recent travels, we found that Malaga, on the Costa Del Sol in Spain happens to be one of those gems! Combining great places to work, convenience, adventure, and a low cost of living! We ended up staying