11 Effective Ways to Stop Being So Lazy

If you sometimes wonder how long it will take for you and your sofa to reach some sort of symbiosis or if you tend to tell yourself that it won’t be worth the effort when you have an opportunity to go somewhere cool or do something awesome, then you should probably be diagnosed with the


How to Feel Alive and Not Just Exist

What was it Oscar Wilde said, that living is most rare and that the majority of us just exist? Something like that, and the man had a point: with all the must and shoulds that tend to dictate our lives, it can be hard to forget what life’s really about. And what is it about?

Paul Fishman

The One Thing You Must Do Before You Say Yes

Oh hey! It’s your boy Paul Fishman, Self Love Coach and You Do You, activist, here to drop some knowledge on why jumping straight into a life of yes might be the worst thing you could do for yourself. Especially if you aren’t doing this one thing first. Are you ready? Ok. Me too! Don’t

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