Anna Bernerson

$100 Weekend in Tokyo

Who said that you can’t spend an awesome, eventful weekend in the most populous metropolitan area in the world on a budget? Sure wasn’t us. No, we firmly believe that not only can any place be inexpensive, but also that you shouldn’t waste your weekends doing nothing – so, we want to sha


How to be a Tourist in Your Own City

Are you going for a staycation this year, or do you just want some more excitement in your life in between adventures? Either way, we’ve got you covered. Or, rather, your city has you covered! Much like how prophets are said never to be accepted in their hometown, we tend to take our local towns


9 Things to Do by Yourself That Will Boost Your Confidence

Things are scary. Until they’re not. Truth be told, most of us can get used to doing almost anything without feeling any fear or anxiety, but it can be hard to get there and to know what to do to gain confidence, boost your self-esteem, and grow as a person. Well, doing things on your


What Is Vanlife, and Why You Should Be On the Road Fulltime

Imagine a permanent road trip, or a camping trip that never ends, or having a portable home; that’s what vanlife is. That, and oil changes and constantly searching for laundry facilities, of course. Basically, you’ll always have an adventure waiting at your doorstep (literally), and sometimes it


You’ll Never Be Ready, So Do It Anyway!

Wouldn’t it be great, having the perfect plan for the perfect moment, at the perfect time – and then it actually happens? Sounds almost too good to be true – probably because it is. Because life doesn’t work like that; you can’t plan for timing and perfection. Sure, it’s possible


An Awesome 10-Day Road Trip Through Stunning Scotland

Scotland, eh. The northernmost part of the UK is far more than fantastic Glasgow and Edinburgh; the Highlands, an abundance of islands, the lochs, and the castles all contribute to making this an excellent location for traveling and exploring. And one of the best ways to do it is with a car –


How to Get Back on Track and Stay Positive

Shit will happen. That’s just how life works. You’ll get sad, lose your motivation or abilities, and feel like there’s no way back to living that happy, fun life full of adventures that you’ve come to love. It might seem impossible, but you don’t have to let that stop you. You really don


How to Stop Overthinking So You Can Start Living

Thinking is good. Thinking too much is bad. Making well-informed decisions will improve your life, whereas being afraid of making any decisions at all will have the opposite effect. And that, we do not want! Hence, the birth of this little post – a small guide to help you with your thoughts, u


Top 16+ Packing Tips for Traveling

Are you one of those chosen ones who find packing a bit stressful? Yeah, me too. There are so many questions: what to bring, how to pack? And then you need to decide if you need a suitcase or just a carry-on – and, of course, how much to bring. It’s especially hard the first


Top 9 Fun Experiences near Malaga

This Mediterranean city, ideally located on the beautiful south coast of Spain, should be on your bucket list whether you want sun, beaches, culture and history, big city vibes, or just need to check off another European country! What’s that, you already have it on there? Excellent! That means tha

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