Van Interior VW Bus 1969

33 Must Have Vanlife Items – The Cheat Sheet

Moving from an apartment into a Van, Bus, RV, Airstream, or any other tiny dwelling can seem daunting. Tasks that you once thought nothing of, such as taking a shower, or charging your computer – now require a bit of planning. But have no fear, you adventurous little bug, because as long as yo

Van Interior VW Bus 1969

Our Top Vanlife Location in Southern Spain

As we’re about to embark on an epic adventure, we thought that we would make use of our last week of calm to let you in on our favorite vanlife location from the past six months on the road. Since picking up our van in rainy Wales, we’ve driven through England, France, and Spain, stopping

Malaga, Spain

A Digital Nomad’s Guide to Malaga

For the Digital Nomad, finding a destination that ticks all of the boxes can be tough. On our recent travels, we found that Malaga, on the Costa Del Sol in Spain happens to be one of those gems! Combining great places to work, convenience, adventure, and a low cost of living! We ended up staying

Vanlife Dogs

The 9 Cutest Van Life Dogs

Life just isn’t quite the same without a four-legged friend to share it with, and even though you may choose to travel full-time, and live in a van – it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a fur baby to share the fun with. So, simply because I want to spend today writing about some

The Ultimate Vanlifer Remote Work Guide + Top 27 Job Picks

The most common question for full-time travelers and one that we get from everyone we meet is “How do you make money while traveling.” While it may seem as though we have the impossible dream lifestyle that’s reserved for the few, I’m here to shed some light on how easy it can be to make

One Pot Vanlife Meals

My Top 5 One Pot Vanlife Meals

1. Chickpea Curry Find the recipe HERE This is my go to meal when I’m tired, hungry, and cold. In fact, I’ve probably been eating this gem at least once per week for almost ten years – wow, even I’m shocked by that. Serving Tip – Include a side of chopped salad and add a

David & Nadia

15 Of The Best Van Life Homes

For those of you who crave an adventurous life, want to hit the road and never look back, but still have a place to call home, then read on dear reader, read on! For the past year I have been a van life addict, and in that time, I’ve spotted many a favorite home on

David at the beach with our bus

Our first week living The Van Life

We had prepared ourselves for the first week living in Red to be pretty much like Marmite, we’d either love it or hate it, and thank goodness – we loved it! The weather has helped, with unseasonably mild and dry weather, we’ve been able to throw open the side door and just hang out. Usuall

France with VW Bus

Deciding to live The Van Life

How we decided to live van life while adventuring in Cape Town this past summer… Should we, or shouldn’t we? Sat here in Cape Town, David and I are currently deliberating what could be the greatest idea of our lives – should we buy a camper and live the van life? After four years of

Traveling the world – Saying yes to life

Joining the Vanlife movement in Europe

After four years of traveling the world full-time, We’ve decided to mix things up. We’re joining the not-so-crazy phenomenon of #vanlife. Unlike most vanlifers who are traveling around the US, we’re going to be joining the movement in Europe, and eventually taking our bus around the globe. Van